Siser GLITTER Heat Transfer Vinyl Collection

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Siser Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl Collection

Sheet size: 12" by 19.5"

This pack includes one of every color we carry = 47 sheets at a special price!

Add the sparkle of glitter effects to any logo with Siser Glitter heat transfer film. Perfect for dance and cheer wear or anywhere you need some extra shine. Glass-like fragments make this the ultimate in glitter transfer films. These are beautiful and you must see them first hand!

For use on 100% cotton, 100% polyester, & all cotton/poly blends. We recommend a 60 degree blade if possible for cutting this material. However you may use a 45 degree.

CPSIA Certified, so it's perfect for decorating children's clothing and accessories.

*Please note the translucent colors look best on white fabrics. Putting them on darker fabrics may change their color.


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[sheets sizes may vary from + or - half of an inch]