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Adhesive Fabric Sheets Inkjet Printable

We love these fabric sheets. Simply print your designs with your inkjet printer, then cut by hand or with your hobby cutter. Think butterflies, clouds, trees, and more.

Endless possibilities await....these are removable and reusable!

Polyester Removable Adhesive Fabric Sheets are compatible with all inkjet printers. No vinyl. These are similar to our vinyl sheets, but the top layer is a thin flexible fabric.

8.5" x 11" sheet size

Photo Tex adhesive will not leave a sticky residue on 99% of any surface when removed. It can withstand all weather conditions, and it will not shrink or curl like other material. Photo Tex won't rip or wrinkle and can be pulled apart if it folds over during installation. (outdoor longevity varies based on ink source and weather conditions). Our materials adhesive does not weaken after several position changes as long as the adhesive stays clean. 

How to use:

1-Set printer's paper mode to "plain paper" setting.

2-Print on fabric side of material in normal print mode.

3-After printing you can use your vinyl cutter/plotter to cut around your design, then peel and stick. Please refer to your cutter/plotter instructions for doing this and set up. (we recommend a 45 degree blade for cutting this material)

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