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Easyweed Heat Transfer Vinyl Sheets

Siser Easyweed T Shirt vinyl is perfect for t-shirts, pillows, and other fabric applications. Easily applies with your home iron, we recommend using our silicon sheets or a pillowcase as a cover sheet when ironing it on.

siser heat transfer vinyl application directions

Recommended for use on 100% cotton or cotton/polyester blends. Not for use on nylon. 

Design Tip: Make sure you cut your design in "mirror/reverse" image.

Q: Why do you leave your sheets at 15" instead of cutting down to the standard 12"
A: We want to give you the extra 3" rather than cutting it off and throwing it away. This way you always have a practice piece or the extra pieces for future projects when you don't need a whole sheet.

| sheets sizes may vary from + or - half of an inch |

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