Chemica MagicFlex -PUFF- Heat Transfer Vinyl

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Magic Flex - Puff!

Sheet size: 12" x 19.75"

Chemica Magic Flex is a fun polyurethane film that will give your creations a 'puff' effect. Remember puff paint back in the day? That's what it reminds us of. It puffs up with heat temperature.

Use on Cotton, polyester, acrylic and similar fabrics.

Available in black and white. The white can be printed on as well with solvent/eco-solvent inks. In which the puff effect will reduce the colors and give it a vintage effect.

Instructions: You will use this film the same way you create with our gloss or matte vinyls. Cut your design, weed, and then apply a medium tack transfer tape to lift the design (we recommend our Paper Tape T10). Place on your shirt and heat press for 10 seconds at 320 degrees (low pressure). Remove the application tape immediately after heating. Now press again (with no teflon or silicone sheet) for 30 seconds at 320 degrees (low pressure). See more details in our information image in image gallery.


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